Group Visits

With so much to see and do in Ontario, our province is an incredible place to discover.  Whether you're planning a Motorcoach trip or whether you just want to turn your group outing into an adventure of a lifetime, there's no better place to start than at an OLG Slots at Woodbine Racetrack.

The OLG's Group Sales department is ready to help you get to where the action is and award you with incredible incentives for stopping by.

Motorcoach Charter Programs

Got a big group? Take advantage of OLG's Motorcoach Charter Program featuring unique passenger incentives. Depending on the size of your group, each passenger can qualify for up to $20 in free slot machine play. And if you're a group leader, you could be eligible for up to $100 in free cash. Check out our OLG Motorcoach Charter Program chart for all the details. When you're ready to put the wheels in motion, contact Group Sales Central Reservations toll free at 1-888-942-6224.

OLG Motorcoach Charter Program

# Passengers Minimum Length of Stay Passenger Offer Group Leader Bonus
1-29 3 Hours $10 Slot Play None
30-39 3 Hours $10 Slot Play $50 Bonus
30-39 4 Hours $15 Slot Play $75 Bonus
40+ 3 Hours $15 Slot Play $75 Bonus
40+ 4 Hours $15 Slot Play $100 Bonus
40+ 5 Hours $20 Slot Play $100 Bonus

Relax on the Way to the Action

Whether you're part of a small group or travelling alone, there's no better way to get ready for a day of exhilaration than by relaxing on the way to the excitement. Catching a ride to one of our great locations is incredibly easy. Contact us at 1-888-942-6224 and we'll connect you with a bus company or tour operator in your area that frequents our Slots and Casino locations.

Group Programs

Our group programs aren't just for bus riders. From social clubs to staff events to special events, our Group Sales department is famous for helping groups of all sizes plan an unforgettable day no matter how they choose to get to the action. To discover how our incredible restaurants, meeting facilities and gaming options can bring your group closer together, contact Group Sales Central Reservations at 1-888-942-6224.

Pre-formed Groups

Passengers Minimum Length of Stay Individual Offer Group Leader Bonus
12-29 3 hours $10 Slot Play None
30+ 3 hours $10 Slot Play $25 Slot Play

Convention & Special Event Groups

# Passengers Minimum Length of Stay Individual Offer Group Leader Bonus
30+ 3 hours $5 Slot Play None

Terms & Conditions

Group & Motorcoach Programs

  • Current Group and Motorcoach incentives are valid through March 31, 2009. Group and Motorcoach programs may not be available at all OLG gaming sites.
  • Bus drivers will be eligible for a food offer with a minimum 3-hour layover.
Group Leader Bonuses
  • Group Leader bonuses are available to volunteer Group Leaders who are not paid or reimbursed by any company or organization for services directly related to organizing or participating in group or motorcoach activities. Available only for qualifying group and motorcoach arrivals.
  • Minimum patron requirements must be met to qualify for Group Leader bonus. OLG will issue bonus once requirements are fulfilled.
  • Any misrepresentation of volunteer Group Leader status may result in immediate ineligibility to participate in OLG Motorcoach and Group programs.
  • All persons participating in OLG Group and Motorcoach Programs must be 19 years of age or older. Valid government-issued photo identification is required to obtain membership into our program.
  • All individuals and Group Leaders must have or obtain an active Winner's Circle Rewards membership to receive an offer. Membership is free. Government issued photo identification may be required.
  • Winner's Circle Rewards registration information is available here.
  • Passenger / Group member manifests may be required prior to arrival to meet incentive eligibility requirements.
  • Group and Motorcoach arrivals must be pre-booked with a valid booking number to meet incentive eligibility requirements.
  • Due to gaming site blackout periods, incentives may be reduced, restricted or eliminated during specific times.
  • OLG reserves the right to alter or cancel any group or motorcoach package at any time.

Contact Group Sales

Need more info? Contact us now. We're glad to help.

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