O'Brien Awards Winners

​2015 L A Delight​ Caprice Hill​ Control The Moment​ Southwind Frank​
​2014 ​Jk Shesalady
​Stubborn Belle ​Artspeak ​Habitat
​2013 ​Precocious Beauty ​Riveting Rosie ​Arthur Blue Chip ​Father Patrick
​2012 ​I Luv The Nitelife ​Bee A Magician ​Captaintreacherous ​Wheeling N Dealin
2011 American Jewel Check Me Out Warrawee Needy The Game Plan
2010 Idyllic Crys Dream Big Jim Blue Porsche 
2009 Fancy Filly Poof Shes Gone Sportswriter Il Villaggio 
2008 St Lads Popcorn Elusive Desire Nebupanezzar Federal Flex
2007 A And Gs Confusion Snow White Somebeachsomewhere Windsong Espoir
2006 Luck Of Michelle Pampered Princess Domitian Hanover Laddie
2005 Style Pure Ivory Jaremes Jet Was It A Dream
2004 Cabrini Hanover Solveig Village Jolt Ken Warkentin
2003 Serious Comfort Peaceful Way I Am A Fool In Conchnito
2002 Ambro Amoretto Filly At Bigs Sir Luck Meadowview Sunny
2001 Precious Delight Odessa Drummond Western Shooter Duke of York
2000 Cupcakesnwhipcream Sharise Seelster Bettors Delight Banker Hall &
Uhadadream (tie)
1999 Eternal Camnation Its Made To Order Pichess Hanover Botany Boy
1998 Odies Fame C L Brightness Island Fantasy Armbro Scorpion
1997 Ambro Rosebud Remarkable Image Rustier Hanover Conway Hall
1996 Whenyouwishuponastar Elegantimage His Mattjesty Mighty Beacon
1995 Cathedra Veras Image A Stud Named Sue Ambro Officer
1994 Elegant Killean Emile Cas El Stand Alone Eager Seelster
1993 Hardie Hanover Ambro Monarch Historic Wesgate Crown
1992 Topaz Blue Chip Suspicious Image Presidential Ball Ambro Leader
1991 Tabloid Ambro Keepsake Digger Almahurst Sharp S Collins
1990 Laugh Line Santa Royal Stand And Deliver Sammy Silk
1989 Town Pro Cajala Road Machine A Worthy Lad

​2015 Solar Sister​ Mission Brief​ Wakizashi Hanover​ Pinkman​
​2014 ​Lady Shadow ​Riveting Rosie ​Mcwicked ​Harper Blue Chip
​2013 ​I Luv The Nitelife ​Bee A Magician ​Vegas Vacation ​Flanagan Memory
​2012 ​American Jewel ​Check Me Out ​Michaels Power ​Intimidate
2011 Monkey On My Wheel China Pearls Up The Credit Daylon Magician
2010 Western Silk  Random Destiny  Rock N Roll Heaven  Text Me 
2009 Chancey Lady  Elusive Desire  Well Said  Muscle Hill 
2008 Chancey Lady Lantern Kronos Somebeachsomwhere Define The World
2007 Michelles Powers Pampered Princess Tell All Arch Madness
2006 Darlins Delight Pure Ivory Doonbeg Majestic Son
2005 Lady Dillinger Blur Rocknroll Hanover Classic Photo
2004 Rainbow Blue Peaceful Way Western Terror Windsongs Legacy
2003 Burning Point Southwind Allaire  Allamerican Theory Amigo Hall
2002  Precious Delight Cameron Hall Art Major Kadabra
2001 Cathedra Dot Com Donven Promise Bettors Delight Liberty Balance
2000 Legacy of Fame Casual Breeze Gallo Blue Chip Yankee Paco
1999 Odies Fame Miss Elina Blissful Hall Latest Chapter
1998 Ambro Romance Image Control Artiscape Stormont Tuscany
1997 Paling Avenue Elegantimage Western Dreamer  Lord Stormont
1996 Low Places Mombasa Stout Ambro Officer
1995 Elegant Killean Worthy Countessa  Village Connection  Trustworthy
1994 Hardie Hanover Imageof A Clear Day Cams Card Shark Bye Tsem
1993 Towners Image Ambro Luxury Presidential Ball Ambro Leader
1992 So Fresh Ambro Keepsake Kingsbridge Earl
1991 Sara Loren Rd Warrawee Kirra Precious Bunny Box Boy
1990 Town Pro Ashley Jane Apaches Fame A Worthy Lad
1989 Sal Harbour Peach Pit Goalie Jeff Demilo Hanover

 Year Pacing Mare Trotting Mare Pacing Horse Trotting Horse
​2015 Lady Shadow​ Bee A Magician ​State Treasurer Resolve​
​2014 ​Anndrovette ​Classic Martine ​Modern Legend ​Intimidate
​2013 ​Anndrovette ​Maven ​Foiled Again ​Mister Herbie
​2012 ​Anndrovette ​Frenchfrysnvinegar ​Betterthancheddar ​Mister Herbie
2011 Anndrovette Frenchfrysnvinegar Foiled Again San Pail
2010 Dreamfair Eternal  Windsong Soprano  Won The West  San Pail 
2009 Dreamfair Eternal  Classic Lane  Big Time Ball  San Pail 
2008 My LIttle Dragon Brigham Dream Secrets Nephew Arch Madness
2007 Moving Pictures Mystical Sunshine Lis Mara Vivid Photo
2006 Glowing Report Peaceful Way Lis Mara Stiletto
2005  Loyal Opposition Peaceful Way Admirals Express JM Vangogh
2004 Eternal Camnation Stroke Play Casimir Camotion Mr Muscleman
2003 Eternal Camnation Dresden Dolly Art Major Rotation
2002 Eternal Camnation Dresden Dolly Real Desire Springtop
2001 Eternal Camnation Casual Breeze Gallo Blue Chip Magician
2000 Galleria Moni Maker D M Dillinger Ramas Pleasure
1999 Arts Secret Moni Maker Dragon Again Goodtimes
1998 Jays Table Kewpie Doll B Red Bow Tie Glorys Comet
1997 Oohs N Aahs Warzover Village Connection Glorys Comet
1996 Shes A Great Lady Kawartha An Worthy Riyadh Impeccable Image
1995 Ellamony Warzover Pacific Rocket Impeccable Image
1994 Ellamony Lifetime Dream Village Jiffy Earl
1993 Shady Daisy Lifetime Dream Staying Together Earl
1992 Shady Daisy Ramerizi Artsplace Billyjojimbob
1991 Delinquent Account Peach Pit Camluck Billyjojimbob
1990 Games Peach Pit Topnotcher No Sex Please
1989 Armbro Feather Grades Singing Matts Scotter No Sex Please

 Year Broodmare of the Year Driver of the Year Trainer of the Year Horsemanship
​2015 (Not Awarded)​ ​Sylvain Filion Richard Moreau​ Dr. Ian Moore​
​2014 ​(Not Awarded) ​Chris Christoforou ​Richard Moreau ​Bill Davis
​2013 (Not Awarded) ​Sylvain Filion ​Richard Moreau ​Kelly Hoerdt
​2012 (Not Awarded) ​Sylvain Filion ​Casie Coleman ​Marc Campbell
2011 (Not Awarded)  Jody Jamieson Jeff Gillis Keith Clark
2010 (Not Awarded)  Randall Waples Casie Coleman  Rick Zeron 
2009 (Not Awarded) Jody Jamieson  Casie Coleman  Per Henriksen 
2008 (Not Awarded) Paul MacDonell Robert McIntosh Phil Pinkney 
2007 (Not Awarded) Jody Jamieson Blair Burgess Mark Steacy 
2006 (Not Awarded) Mark MacDonald Casie Coleman Carl Jamieson 
2005 Royal Bait Mark MacDonald Casie Coleman Gilles Barrieau 
2004 Cathedra Luc Ouellette Joe Stutzman Keith Clark 
2003 Armbro Ophelia Chris Christoforou William Robinson Bill Davis 
2002 Next Victom Chris Christoforou William Robinson  
2001 Ambro Monarch Randall Waples John Bax  
2000 Victorious Tail Trevor Ritchie Kevin McMaster  
1999 Worthy Stephanie Chris Christoforou Ben Wallace  
1998 Lou Macs Glory Randall Waples Robert McIntosh  
1997 Town Sweetheart Steve Condren William Wellwood  
1996 Mygal Haw Lea Doug Brown Jack Darling  
1995 Ceremony Doug Brown William Wellwood
1994 Lady On Time Doug Brown William Robinson
1993 Armbro Stable Doug Brown William Robinson
1992 Viking Treasure Gaetan Lamy Robert McIntosh
1991 Dovers Skip Doug Brown / Bill Gale (tie) Robert McIntosh
1990 Programmed Doug Brown William "Bud" Fritz
1989 Brets Velvet Doug Brown Tom Artandi

 Year Armstrong Breeder of the Year
​2015 Marvin Katz & Al Libfeld​
​2014 ​Al McIntosh Holdings Inc. & Robert McIntosh Stables Inc.
​2013 ​Seelster Farms
​2012 ​Al McIntosh Holdings Inc. & Robert McIntosh Stables Inc.
2011 Warrawee Farm
2010 Robert McIntosh Stables Inc.
2009 Diane Ingham & Harry Rutherford
2008 Robert Hamather
2007 Robert McIntosh Stables Inc.
2006 Seelster Farms
2005 Angie Stiller

 Year Media Excellence Award - Outstanding Written Work
​2015 Melissa Keith​
​2014 ​Dave Briggs
​2013 ​Paul Delean
​2012 ​Lindsay Day
2011 Lauren Lee
2010 Andrew Cohen
2009 Andrew Cohen
2008 Dave Briggs

 Year Media Excellence Award - Outstanding Video, Fillm, Broadcast
​2015 Erinoakkids & Fresh Sox, Toronto, Ontario - "Sydney's Story"​
​2014 ​Woodbine Entertainment Group - 2014 Pepsi North America Cup
​2013 ​Woodbine Entertainment Group - 2013 Pepsi North America Cup
​2012 ​Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame / Woodbine Entertainment Group - Cam Fella Feature
2011 Woodbine Entertainment Group - Metro Pace & Canadian Pacing Derby 2011
2010 Woodbine Entertainment Group - North America Cup 2010
2009 Horse Racing Alberta
2008 Horse Racing Alberta

 Year Media Excellence Award - Outstanding Photography
​2015 Frances Lund​
​2014 ​Clive Cohen
​2013 ​Clive Cohen
​2012 ​Michael Burns
2011 Claus Andersen
2010 Ann MacNeill
2009 Claus Andersen